Company Profile

Company Profile

Young Shang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

We maintain a full series of pet bottle products from 28mm to 180mm fordifferent purposes.

Being an experienced pet bottle manufacturer, we arededicated in offering items that are useful and of reliable quality.

Clear 28mm / 145mm / 180mm – plastic containers - narrow neck bottle wide mouth plastic jars with PP closure ranging from 100CC to 5,000CC

We also provide PET Blow Molds, Plastic Mold, Injection Molds, PET Preform, and Semi-auto Double Seaming Machines.

SalesUSD 3,125,000
CapitalUSD 1,600,000
Business TypeOEM Manufacturer Distributor / Exporter
MarketsFood and Beverage, Household, Personal Care
FactoryTaoyuan, Taiwan
Main ProductsPlastic (PET) containers, plastic blow and injection molds, PET preforms, plastic bottles and jars, water dispenser systems, easy open aluminum end cans, semi-auto seaming machines
CEOMr. Hank Hung-Ming Lee
AddressNo.6 Wunming 1st St.
CityGueishan, Taoyuan, 33383
CountryTaiwan, R.O.C.
Tel+886 3 397 9788
Fax+886 3 397 9799
Exporting Countries
Exporting Countries

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PET Bottle | Plastic Bottle Manufacturer - Young Shang

Located in Taiwan, Young Shang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the prime wide mouth jars | PET bottle manufacturers for food and beverage, household, personal care industry since 1969.

Plastic bottle over 200 sizes ranged from 15cc to 5 gallons with plastic and injection mold, and PET preform available. Young Shang's PET plastic bottles are manufactured FDA, RoHS, HACCP, and ISO certified with one-step machine process.

Young Shang has been offering customers high-quality plastic bottles. Both with advanced technology and 49 years of experience, Young Shang ensures each customer's demands are met.

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